SCTEX Duathlon


Bike King Duathlon 2015
6K - 60K - 4K
September 27, 2015
Alviera, Porac, Pampanga

RACE RESULTS - click here

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This unique 6km run-60km bike-4km run distance duathlon will take place along SCTEX (Porac-Dinalupihan and back) and have Sandbox, Alviera as the start/finish. All disciplines have an out and back format which makes it easy for participants to focus on their race and not worry about the next turn they have to make or how many laps they still have to do. The heavy headwind, rolling terrain, and false flats all make for one exciting and challenging race.

For the first 6Km run, participants must make a right when they exit Alviera and run 3Km out. Once they get to the halfway mark, they must go back to the Transition area inside Alviera. Once on the bike, athletes must make their way to the Porac exit and bike 30km towards Dinalupihan. They will only make a u-turn when they reach the halfway mark to complete a total of 60 kilometers. The second run is pretty much like the first but with an earlier u-turn and a finish at the Sandbox. After the race, participants and their supporters alike can then partake in their post-race meal, shop for more gear at the Event Expo, and enjoy Sandbox’s exciting features, like the zipline, giant swing and obstacle course.

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